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Important Note!

1. The "free" in "Free Software" refers "freedom", it is not the "free" in "free of charge".

2."Free Software" is NOT completely same with "open sources software". RMS has an article for differences between them.

The release date of the second issue of Free Software Magazine (FSM) was postponed due to the Chinese Spring Festival holidays, but it is finally out on Feb 28, 2002! As we are redesigning our entire web site with XML technology, so the HTML files are not available currently. Here you could download the pdf files. Note, some files are quite large in size. Also we hope you place your order of FSM paper copy from us to support MNM Project!!!

Table of Content (Vol. 1, Issue No. 2, Feb 2002)


About FSM

RMS's Column

Free Software: Hackers Come Back, by Andy Tai

GNU/Linux in 2003, by Robin "Roblimo" Miller

Main Principle of E2K Architecture, by Prof. Boris A. Babayan

Why Microsoft Still Rules the Desktop Market? byAnurag Phadke

Free Book Review: Programmming in Emacs Lisp, by Hong Feng

C: My Approach by George Russell

Jabber: An Introduction, by Peter Saint-Andre

History of PostgreSQL, by Bruce Momjian

SGML: About and My Approach, by Boris Tabotras

From Database to Presentation via XML,XSLT and ConteXt, by Berend De Boer

Treecc: An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Writing Compilers, by Rhys Weatherley

Qt/Embedded --- My Perspective, by Jharana Mehta


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