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The release date of the 3rd issue of Free Software Magazine (FSM) is going to be on March 20, 2002. So it is still under preparing. But if you like to read it, now you could place your order of FSM paper copy from us to support MNM Project!!!

Table of Content (Vol. 1, Issue No. 3, Mar 2002)


About FSM

RMS's Column: GPL and American Way

The Brave GNU World, by Georg C. F. Greve

MONO & GNOME, by Miguel de Icaza

Two Kinds of Advocacy, by Greg Lehey

JFS on GNU/Linux, by Steve Best, IBM

JEmacs: Java/Scheme-based Emacs, by Per Bothner

Why Shall I Use Guile Scheme? by Clinton Ebadi

Overview of FOSDEM, by Raphael Bauduin

GGI --- Yet Another Graphical Interface? Not Quite by Brian S. Julin

How Free Software Paid My Bills, by Steven M. Rubin

Avoiding Type 3 Bitmap Fonts in PDFs Created from DVI Files, by Rick Holbert

Working More Productively with Bash 2.x, by Ian MacDonald

Email Attachments, MIME and GNU Emacs, by Hong Feng


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