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The GNU Project of the Free Software Foundation is the primary free software project in the world.  Being one of the oldest (since 1983), GNU also possibly has the broadest scope among Free Software projects.   This web page aims to provide a directory to GNU projects, with information and links to their individual sites.

(This web page is not related to the Free Software Foundation and comments herein do not represent the opinions of the FSF.  The FSF/GNU logos used with permission. The name "GNU" and logos are marks exclusively associated with the Free Software Foundation, Inc.)

This page is based on the March 1998 issue of the GNU Bulletin, the GNU website and additional information from and other sources.

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Official Projects

classifications:  (mine only, does not represent the opinion of the FSF)
core:  the core system components
GUI: the applications with a graphical user interface
Java: Java applications or libraries
  • a2ps, anything to postscript filter.
  • Autoconf, a tool for configuring source code packages.
  • Automake, a tool for generating makefiles.
  • BASH, a Unix sh shell clone. (core)
  • bc,  an interactive algebraic language.
  • Binutils, a collection of utilities to manipulate object and binary files.  Includes the GNU assembler (gas) and linker (ld). (core)
  • Bison, the yacc parser generator clone. (core)
  • C library.  GNU's C library, a standard component of GNU systems such as Linux (or GNU/Linux). (core)
  • calc, an desktop calculator.
  • cdplay, a command-line utility for performing operations on audio CD-ROM
  • cfengine
  • Checker, a tool which finds memory errors at runtime
  • Chess, the chess game
  • GNU Classpath, a free software replacement for Sun's proprietary Java standard class libraries. (Java)
  • CLISP, a Common Lisp system..
  • Common Lisp, the GNU Common Lisp system.
  • cook
  • cpio, an archive program, Unix cpio clone.
  • CVS, the Concurrent Versions System, a version control system for multiple users.
  • DejaGnu, a program testing framework.
  • diff, a Unix diff cline, an utility for comparing files.
  • DJGPP, a 32-bit 80386 DOS extender and ports of GNU utilities
  • ed, a line-oriented text editor
  • Emacs, the "original" famous GNU program.  Perhaps the most advanced text editor. (core)
  • enscript, formats text files to postscript.
  • f2c, a Fortran 77 to C translator.
  • Fiasco, now known as PSPP, a program for statistical analysis of sampled data
  • File Utilities.  the GNU version of the Unix command line utilities (such as cd, cp, du, ls, mkdir, mv, rm, rmdir, etc.) (core)
  • finger, the GNU version of the Unix command.(core)
  • flex, a lex scanner generator clone. (core)
  • g77, the GNU Fortran compiler. (core)
  • GAMORA, The GNU Adaptable Multiplatform Object-Oriented Routing Architecture, a Java based program that provides a general framework for the quick development and maintenence of server applications. (Java)
  • GAMES, The GNU Animation Multimedia Entertainment System.
  • GNUJSP, a free implementation of the Java Server Pages  (Java)
  • gawk, the GNU awk clone.
  • gcal, a calander program.
  • gcc/g++, the GNU C/C++ compiler. (core)
  • egcs, the Experimental GNU Compiler System, the next generation GNU compiler project. (core)
  • gdb, the GNU source-level debugger. (core)
  • gdbm, the GNU database libraries (core)
  • gEDA, GNU Electronic Design Automation, a toolset for doing electronic circuit design/prototyping.
  • gettext, the GNU internationalization tool
  • gforth, GNU Forth
  • ghostscript (or gs), a Postscript interpreter
  • ghostview, a ghostscript viewer
  • GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, like Photoshop (GUI)
  • GINA,  the GNU INstrumentation Architecture, is a framework for instrumentation control 
  • GIT, interactive tools for Unix
  • gmp, arbitrary-precision arthmetic library
  • GN, a HTTP server.
  • GNAT, the GNU Ada system
  • GNATS, a bug tracking system
  • GNOME, the GNU Network Object Model Environment (GUI)
  • GNOME Software Map.
  • GNOME Panel
  • Orbit, the CORBA 2.2-compliant Object Request Broker (ORB) for GNOME
  • GNOME component model...
  • GNUCash, a financial package (GUI)
  • GNUera, a free CASE tool. 
  • gnu.regexpx, Regular Expressions for Java. (Java) 
  • GNUMATH/gnussl, a library for scientific programming

  • GNU Privacy Guard, a complete and free replacement for PGP
  • GNU Robots, a game
  • GNUStep, the GNU version of the OpenStep/NextStep environment (GUI)
  • Display Ghostscript
  • GNUSheet, a spreadsheet with a GUI.(GUI)
  • gpc, GNU Pascal compiler
  • grep, GNU version of the Unix command for file pattern matching (core)
  • Groff, GNU version of the troff text formatter.
  • guile, (another unofficial guile page), the GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension, the standard GNU scripting language.
  • gush, the GNU User's shell
  • GYVE, GNU Yellow Vector Editor, a vector-based drawing program (GUI)
  • gzip/gunzip, GNU ZIP, a file compressor/decompressor
  • Harmony, a free clone of the Qt GUI toolkit (GUI)
  • hello
  • HURD, the GNU Project's official kernel (core)
  • indent, a C/C++ source code formatter
  • less, a more clone (core)
  • lesstif, a Free clone of Motif (GUI)
  • libg++, the old GNU C++ library (core)
  • libstdc++, the GNU C++ standard library (core)
  • libtool, a generic library support script managing building and linking libraries
  • LilyPond,  The GNU Project Music Typesetter
  • m4, a macro processor (core)
  • make, the GNU make utility (core)
  • mc, the GNU Midnight Commander, a file manager
  • mtools, tools for manipulating MS-DOS disks.
  • MULE, international language enhancement for Emacs
  • Nana, a debugger-support library
  • ncurses, a Unix curses clone
  • Objective C library.
  • Octave, a matrix-based math system, partial Matlab clone
  • Oleo, the GNU spreadsheet
  • patch, a file modification application utility (core)
  • plotutils, GNU plotting programs and libraries
  • PSPP, a program for statistical analysis of sampled data (see Fiasco)
  • ptx, a permited index generator
  • RCS, the Revision Control System, for software configuration management
  • readline, a (user) line input management library
  • regex, the GNU regular expression library.
  • rx, a regular expression library
  • screen, a windowing utility on text terminals
  • sed, stream-oriented text editor (core)
  • sharutils, for manipukating "shell archives" (core)
  • shellutils, GNU version of many Unix shell commands (core)
  • Shogi, a Japanese game
  • smail, a Sendmail clone
  • SmallEiffel, The GNU Eiffel Compiler.
  • smalltalk, the GNU Smalltalk system
  • spell, a spelling checker
  • stow, a software installation management utility
  • talk, GNU version of the Unix program
  • tar, GNU tape archive utility (core)
  • Termcap Library.  GNU's library for termcap management (core)
  • texinfo, the GNU documentation tools (core)
  • units, a unit converter
  • uucp, GNU's clone of the Unix uucp program
  • W3, a Emacs-based web browser
  • wget, utility for retrieving files off the WWW.
  • WN, a WWW server.
  • XInfo, a X Window-based GNU Info reader
  • Xlogmaster, a system log  and device monitoring tool (GUI)

  • more information to be added

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    Projects Closely Tied to GNU

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